June 24, 2021

Best blogs on weed: our top 6

Sometimes the Internet can seem like an endless stream of information. And it is. So how do you know which blogs to read about weed and coffee shops? We’ll give you a hand: check out our favorite six cannabis blogs! 

High Times
If music has Rolling Stone magazine and fashion has Vogue, cannabis definitely has High Times. Fortunately, this iconic magazine is available online. It’s full of great articles on entrepreneurship, news and events, as well as products and growing your own cannabis. 


The Stoner Mom
When you think of stoners, you certainly don’t think of mothers right away. The Stoner Mom breaks with the stereotype and writes about what she calls a ‘responsible cannabis lifestyle’. Her blogs and podcasts consist mainly of tips & tricks on all things related to weed, like edibles and gadgets, but also about her personal life. 

→  https://thestonermom.com/

Cannabis Cheri
Are you in the mood for some delicious food? You can find the best recipes and tutorials at Cannabis Cheri. This lady has more than mastered cannabis cooking and can’t get enough of it. Neither can we! Don’t want to wait? Check out the edibles in our shop!


Cannabis Culture
Are you curious about how weed is being dealt with around the world? And do you feel like reading some in depth articles? Cannabis Culture gives an overview of the global news about weed. It is not always cheerful, but interesting nonetheless. And do you want to know a little but more about the situation in The Netherlands? Read it here


Cannabis Business Times
If you’re more the business type, but the Wall Street Journal is a little too much, try the Cannabis Business Times. This online newspaper is all about cannabis and the issues surrounding it. So if you want to get into the cannabis business yourself, it might be an idea to try this newspaper. 


Coffeeshop De Kade blogs
Not to toot our own horn, but of course our own blogs are also a lot of fun. For example about the history of weed in the Netherlands and if coffeeshops in Amsterdam are actually legalhow a vaporizer works or articles about the best edibles in Amsterdam. And of course you can just check out our menu, including our favorites Super Silver Haze, Green Gelato and Strawberry Banana Kush!


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