June 30, 2020

Best out-of-the-box recipes with cannabis

As you might know, we love edibles at De Kade. Want to make edibles yourself? It’s easy as pie. Here are some of our favorites to make at home!

1. Ice cream

Oh yes, we are talking about a stoner sundae. Perfect for a summer day on your balcony or backyard. You only need a few ingredients. You can find plenty of recipes online, and check out this Munchies episode on weed ice cream for some inspiration.

2. Cannabutter

Cannabutter is butter with - you guessed right - weed. It’s the foundation for a lot of recipes, and you can use it for food like cake and cookies. This video explains how to make cannabutter step by step, and gives you some tips on how to use it.

3. Red Velvet

Our favorite edible is a Red Velvet cake. It’s not real easy to make, but believe us: it’s worth it. You can find a good recipe here.

Don’t want to go through so much trouble? Just come by our shop, where you can get the best Red Velvet cake in Amsterdam!

4. Weed cocktail

When you think you’ve seen it all… If you really want to try something new, have a weed cocktail. For example a Weed Wodka. In this video Caitlin explains how to make the Green Dragon, a weed infused cocktail. Cheers!

5. Weed brownies (in just 5 minutes)

Are the previous recipes all a bit too much? We get it. You just want to have some nice snacks and get high, without putting in a lot of effort. This marijuana recipe may not be completely out of the box, but it will get you where you want to be.

Or just visit us in the shop, so you’re sure to enjoy our delicious edibles!

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