June 30, 2020

Best ways to store your weed

Sometimes you want to keep your weed, maybe even for a special occasion. But is it possible to preserve your weed for some time and what is the best way to store it?

We’ll start with some good news: yes, you can store weed for quite some time. Weed can be stored for a few months to two years, depending on how it is grown. The bad news is, that the use of pesticides limits the shelf life. When weed is no longer good, it becomes very dry and yellow to brown in colour. The effect of the THC (the active substance in weed) disappears.

Weed without pesticides is keepable for almost 2 years. The same applies to your home grown plants. If you don’t use any pesticides and store the weed well, you can keep it for 2 years. Old weed is best thrown away. If you (accidentally) use old, brown weed, it is not dangerous for healthy people, but it can make you nauseous.

There are pesticides in almost half of all weed, so it’s hard to be sure. Don’t want to take any risks? Then make sure you always keep the weed cool and in the dark, preferably wrapped in cellophane and in a jar with a screw-on lid in the fridge. It will at least keep for a few months!

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