June 30, 2020

Facts & fiction about cannabis

Worldwide there are plenty of stories about cannabis. But many of those stories are either not true or only partially true. We give you some facts, and fiction, when it comes to marijuana.

1. Fact: A vaporizer is better for your lungs

The Global Drugs Survey 2016 showed that 89% of Dutch smokers, smoke joints mixed with tobacco. This is higher than the average in the rest of the world (71.7%). A vaporizer does not burn the plant material, but heats it to a temperature between 157ºC and 226ºC. As a result, no active combustion takes place, but the active substances (in the case of cannabis THC, among others) evaporate.

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2. Myth: The longer you hold your smoke, the more stoned you get

There is no need to retain the smoke from the lungs any longer. It has no effect on getting high or stoned. The THC is absorbed almost completely by the lungs into the blood within seconds. Inhaling in the same way as with a cigarette is sufficient and slightly less harmful than prolonged smoke retention and deep inhaling.

3. Myth: Cannabis is a gateway drug

The so-called stepping stone (or gateway drug) theory from the seventies states that the use of one drug can lead to the use of other, heavier drugs. It was assumed that the use of cannabis automatically leads to the use of other dangerous substances, like heroin or cocaine.

However, the scientific foundation of this theory is very thin. It is based on research showing that people who have ever used cannabis are more likely to start using other substances later on. Later studies showed that cannabis was probably not the cause of the other use.

4. Fact: Edibles make your high last longer

While smoking will keep you high for about 2-3 hours, edibles can last up to 6-12 hours. For most people the effect lasts longer and is experienced as stronger, more hallucinating and deeper. We sell different kinds of edibles at De Kade. Have you already tried our Red Velvet Cake?

5. Myth: Cannabis stays in your blood for only 2 days

Unfortunately this is a myth. Weed and hash are usually detectable for 1 to 2 weeks in both blood and urine. Cannabis is stored in fat. In lean people, it is more likely to disappear fast. In people who often use cannabis, on the one hand you can see that THC stored in the body can be detected for a longer period of time. However, if the body is accustomed to cannabis (= tolerance), cannabis is processed faster. The effect of many blows on the detection of THC in blood and urine can therefore be opposite.

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