May 17, 2021

Green Gelato, Big Buddha Cheese or Orange Bud: what to get in Amsterdam coffeeshop De Kade

Alright, picture this. You’re standing inside the most beautiful coffeeshop on this planet: Coffeeshop De Kade in Amsterdam South. A dreamy employee asks you what you want. And then: ‘Uh… Uh…’ You freeze. 

Right. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen and you know what you want. But how do you know what you want? You know? Because there are so many options, we’ve made a list with some of our favourite types of weed - for every mood! 

Green Gelato // Relax 
Do you want to relax and feel nice and kushy? Then Green Gelato is what you need. This Indica dominant is a combination of Sunsert Serbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Let’s just say it’s the best of the US in Amsterdam. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! 

Big Buddha Cheese // Energy 
Say Cheese! Looking for an energising high? This Indica will definitely make you smile. It won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2006 for a reason. Big Buddha Cheese is the perfect upper for any time of the day. 

Orange Bud // Feel good 
The Orange Bud: a cannabis strain with a sweet taste, combined with citrus notes of nectarine and ripe orange. Does it get any better? Orange Bud is a classic skunk that gives you the feel good high you’re looking for. 

Of course, you can always visit Coffeeshop De Kade in Amsterdam or check out our menu and products from home. Got what you need? Here are some tips to do afterwards

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Stadionkade 107, Amsterdam

Stadionkade 107,
1076 BN Amsterdam

+31 (0) 20-6738102

Opening hours
Open from 08:00 - 23:00
From Monday - Sunday

Parking-spaces are available

Public transport
Accessible by public transport
Bus stop near Olympic stadium

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