June 8, 2020

Hasj vs. weed: what’s the difference?

We all know hash and we all know weed. Both come from the female hemp plant, the cannabis sativa. Hash and weed look very different and can also have different effects. So how do you know what’s what? 

Hash & weed: the way they look 

When the flower buds and upper leaves of the female hemp plant are dried and crumbled, it is called weed or marijuana. Weed has a typical, strong odour. The colour varies from grey-green to green-brown. Check out our products page for some awesome pictures. 

With hash only the resin that is on the plant is used. Resin is obtained by cooling the flower buds and then shaking them through a sieve. The resin grains then fall from the flowers through the sieve. These grains are then pressed or kneaded together to form slices or cubes of hash. The result is a light brown to black substance that most resembles a stock cube. 

Do hash and weed have a different effect?

You often hear people say that you mainly get stoned of weed and high of hash. Other people claim or experience the opposite. However, the effect of cannabis mainly depends on how much THC and CBD there is in the hash or weed. These are two of the many so-called cannabinoids in cannabis.

The exact effects of hash and weed also differ from person to person, because of someone’s expectations, own experiences and state of mind. Even the circumstances in which it is used can play a role. 

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