May 17, 2021

High cuisine: Edibles in Amsterdam

Let’s be honest: eating and getting high at the same time, what’s not to love? And even better: no after dinner dip guaranteed! At Coffeeshop De Kade we try to take edibles to the next level. Check out our high cuisine menu below!

  • Brownie.
    €8 A classic for every mood
  • Red Velvet Space Cake. €8
    Really, it’s a Red Velvet with weed!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie. €8
    _Om Nom Nom Nom…
  • Vegan Oatmeal Cookie. €8
    Because we love greens.
  • Vanilla Choco Muffin. €7,50
    High tea, anyone?

Psst… Want to know what’s on our weed menu?

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