June 30, 2020

How is hash made?

In one of our blogs we talked about the different effects of hash and weed. But how is hash actually made? You can read it here! 

The word hashish comes from the Arabic word hashsha, meaning grass, hay, dry herb and “it got dry”. Almost all the hash in Dutch coffee shops is imported from outside Europe, mainly from Morocco, the world’s largest hash producer.

Hash is made from the trichomes (resin glands, glandular hairs) that are scattered on a female plant in bloom over the flower tops and some leaves. When making hash, dried flower buds are put into a filter and rotates for several hours. The dry buds crumble and the fine filter will only allow the small trichomes to pass through. These trichomes are collected in a container under the filter.

This means that hash is actually a powder. You can already smoke the powder when it comes out of the filter. But because a powder is harder to transport and smoke, the hash is compressed. This way a cube of real hashish remains. So if you don’t know, now you know!

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