March 30, 2020

Indica and Sativa: what does it mean and what’s the difference?

You’ve probably heard about two types of weed: Indica and Sativa. A lot of people ask us what these types mean and if there’s a difference between them. The answer is: yes! And here’s why. 


The Indica plant grows faster compared to the Sativa and usually has a lower level of CDB and a higher level of THC. In general, Indica makes you feel relaxed. This type of weed is also used medicinal because it can help prevent nausea and pain. 


It is generally said that Sativa stimulates the serotonin production. This means that most people experience a happy and uplifting feeling. That’s why Sativa weed is also good for people who suffer from depressions or anxiety. 

Our favorite Indica’s and Sativa’s

At Coffeeshop De Kade we sell both strains of weed. Here are some of our favorites!

From the Indica strain, we recommend Rollex OG by Devil’s Harvest seeds, always available and the perfect nightcap. All though most of you probably already have, we advise frequent smokers to try White Widow. An Indica which is perfect for every moment during the day! 

When it comes to Sativa, definitely try Beachfront. This strain is a hybrid, made from America’s finest Shoreline and Kosher Kush. Most people experience an uplifting high. And last but not least: Super Silver Haze. It feels soft while smoking it and provides you with a long lasting and energetic high. 

Want to know more about types of weed or need some help? Just visit our coffeeshop in Amsterdam, our staff is always happy to help you out. You can also check out our menu

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