June 24, 2021

Is Amsterdam going to ban tourists from coffeeshops?

Tourists, Amsterdam and coffeeshops. They’ve been together for a long time. But there have been rumours for a while that Amsterdam wants to ban tourists from buying weed. But whether that will succeed is still questionable. What’s going on and is a ban actually on the horizon? 

In January 2021, Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema presented her plans for a new coffeeshop policy. Part of it is banning foreign tourists from coffeeshops. The main reason is the nuisance of so-called drug tourists. 

For the time being, it is still a plan. The mayor will first discuss it with the city council. According to Halsema, it will be at least a year before any steps can be taken. But let’s hope it won’t come to this. Criminalising weed will only backfire and cause more street dealers to appear and a decline in quality. 


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