March 30, 2020

Marley Natural products at Coffeeshop De Kade in Amsterdam South

There is only one godfather of cannabis. Of course we’re talking about the legendary Bob Marley. The Jamaican artist did not only produce brilliant music and loved to smoke weed, he also founded the cannabis brand Marley Natural.

Marley Natural offers various products, from body care to lifestyle accessories and smoking products. Check out our assortiment below! 


The Bubbler is a hybrid water and dry pipe which offers best of both worlds. It not only enriches your smoking experience, but it’s exceptional design will look great in your living room. 

Smoked glass steamroller 

The Smoked Glass Steamroller makes every session a beautiful show. Its unique “thumb-press” bowl makes it easy to pack your desired amount.

Glass filters - Six pack 

Substitute your paper filters for a six pack of Marley Natural borosilicate glass filter tips. Reusable with proper care, our filters feature shallow pinches in the glass that let smoke through while trapping any ash. Perfect for the consummate roller, this set of six tips provides a superior way to smoke.

Interested? Just come by and check out the products in our shop. And that’s not the only reason to visit us


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