March 30, 2020

Six reasons to visit Coffeeshop De Kade in Amsterdam South

There are hundreds of coffeeshops in Amsterdam, so how do you know which one to visit? Coffeeshop De Kade in Amsterdam South has a lot to offer (if we say so ourselves). That’s why we made a list with reasons why to visit us while you’re in town. 

1. Something for everyone  

At Coffeeshop De Kade we’re always up to date and have everything you need. From Super Silver Haze to OG Kush or Green Gelato: we got you. Feeling mellow? Or do you want a more uplifting high? Just let us know your vibe, our staff is always there to help you make your choice. 

2. Smoke inside

Unlike most coffeeshops in Amsterdam, it’s allowed to smoke inside our coffeeshop! You are are more than welcome to come over and just hang around. Enjoy a delicious cafe latte or cappuccino, have some food, meet new people and enjoy our lovely art deco interior. 

3. Merchandise

At Coffeeshop De Kade we know everything there is to know about getting high. That’s why we even offer our own merchandise, from vaporizers to caps and hoodies. Drop by and check out our latest items!

4. Homely vibe

We’re not just a coffeeshop: we want you to feel at home. Our interior is especially designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Welcome home! 

5. We have 30 years of experience 

With 30 years of experience we know how to help you. We’re always happy to give advice on our products or anything else you need to know for a perfect experience. Curious what we have to offer? Check out our menu

6. Delicious (organically produced) edibles 

Hungry and ready for something tasty and responsible? Our edibles are organically produced. Try our Oreo brownie or Red Velvet marijuana edibles. Or maybe you’re in the mood for some vegan oatmeal or banana bread? Heavenly delicious! Check out our edibles menu for more. 

Map marker
Stadionkade 107, Amsterdam

Stadionkade 107,
1076 BN Amsterdam

+31 (0) 20-6738102

Opening hours
Open from 10:00 - 23:00
From Monday - Sunday

Parking-spaces are available

Public transport
Accessible by public transport
Bus stop near Olympic stadium

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