June 30, 2020

Smoking inside the coffeeshop: these are the do’s and dont’s

The rules on smoking inside the coffeeshop have changed over the last few years. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the new legislation. So what are the restrictions and, more importantly, what is still allowed?

Until April 2020 it was still possible to smoke inside the coffeeshop, provided there was a specially designed smoking room. Unfortunately, since april 2020, there is a Dutch ban on smoking inside all together. So, even when there is a smoking room, smoking is still not allowed.

But, there is also good news… Because it’s still allowed to smoke without tobacco! That means when you smoke a joint without tobacco, you can still hang inside with us. You can also use a vape pen or a steam roller to smoke your stuff the pure way. We wrote a blog on the benefits of vaping.

However, there are some rumours about Amsterdam wanting to ‘ban tourists from coffeeshops’. But it’s still the question if that’s ever going to happen. Until that time, visit us our coffeeshop in Amsterdam South. You can check out our menu here!

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