May 17, 2021

The benefits of vaping

At Coffeeshop De Kade we love vaping. For several reasons, actually. That’s why we’ve made a list of the benefits of vaping weed!

1. It’s healthier 

Ok, we can’t say that it’s healthy, but research does show it’s less bad. That’s mainly because you take out the tobacco. Vaporizers heat your stuff to a temperature between 93° - 220°C, depending on the type of weed. An additional advantage: no more smelly ashtrays!

2. Stealth mode 

Do you remember putting weed into a cigarette, so no one noticed? We used to call that a secret agent. A vape pen is basically the same thing. With a vape pen you can always smoke in stealth mode! 

3. Great taste

Because you can heat your weed to the best possible temperature, the taste - which exists out of terpenes - is way better. At extreme temperatures, such as burning, the flavours fade. With vaping, however, you fully utilise the terpenes and get the best possible flavour. 

4. Smoke efficient  

Unlike other methods, with a vaporizer you have way more control over the dosage. It’s easier to achieve the high you desire and you can be sure to get the most out of it, as many modern vaporizers vaporise the herb without destroying it. Vaping is probably around 30-40% more efficient than smoking!

5. It’s cheaper 

So let’s talk money. We say it’s efficient: that means you need less cannabis to achieve the same effect. It depends, of course, on how much you smoke, but most people break even with the vape pen within six to twelve months.

So, why wait? Get your vape pen asap! Or are you looking for a vape shop in Amsterdam? Come by and we’ll be happy to show you our vape pens! 

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