June 8, 2020

These are our top 3 types of weed. Get them at Coffeeshop De Kade in Amsterdam South!

With dozens of different kinds of weed, we always have something you like. But of course we also have our favorites. We present you the top 3 of Coffeeshop De Kade. 

🎨 White Widow 

A classic that never gets old. White widowis a hybrid mix of indica and sativa, with a relatively high level of THC. Most people experience an uplifting and stimulating effect and it is also said to stimulate creativity. Because it is so strong we advise you to take it slow and take your time. Let’s get creative! 

😺 Super Silver Haze

Super silver Haze is a sativa strain. Its genetics are Skunk, Northern lights and and Haze. It has an uplifting effect and it is said that it also helps against nausea and stress.  

😌 Rollex OG Kush

Everything that you would expect from a real indica. Rollex OG is a hybrid of White Fire and Kuchi. In 2013 it was even awarded with the High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam award and a year later with the High Life Cup award. Most people say that they enter a happy and mellow state of mind. Perfect for a nice chill out session! 

Sounds good? Check out our menu and come by to try it yourself! 


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Stadionkade 107,
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From Monday - Sunday

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