June 30, 2020

Tips to grow your plant at home

It’s always fun to grow some plants yourself. But if you’ve ever tried it, you probably know that it’s not easy. We’ve got a few tips to help you get on your way! 

1. Knowledge is key

It looks like you’re already well on your way. To grow your plants, it’s important to do some research. Study how a cannabis plant functions, what its life cycle looks like and what it needs to thrive will give you a better understanding of the plant itself.

2. Learn how to prune

In short, pruning is cutting away weak plant parts so that the plant can focus on strong growth. Pruning your plants the right way is very important: it can enhance your profits up to 30%! With some basic knowledge, it’s a good idea to experiment with some advanced cultivation techniques.

3. Never use too much (of anything)

When feeding and providing water, it is better to be a little more careful than giving too much. Too little water or nutrition can be dissolved quickly without causing too much stress to the plant.

It is a lot harder for the plant to recover after too much water or nutrition. This is especially important when you are working on a cannabis strain unknown to you. Until you are familiar with the needs of that strain, you’d better play it safe.

4. Make sure you have a good start

A good start prepares the plant for healthy growth in the future. By doing so, risks of growth retardation and other complications are minimized. A good, efficient, and cheap way to give your plant a head start is to use a ‘seed starter kit’. This contains a special bacterial composition that not only nourishes the germ properly, but also stimulates strong root development.

5. Pay attention to the roots of the plant

A good root system is one of the important factors of successful cannabis cultivation, because the roots ensure the absorption of nutrition - a cannabis plant can only grow as well as its root system allows, so the larger the root base, the larger the plant.

6. Use firm potting soil

The constant addition of chemical nutrition can be counterproductive. It also builds up acid salts in the soil, which in turn can cause problems. It is better to make and use super potting soil that already has everything in it to allow the plant to spread and thrive, than to have to feed continuously. Limit the need for extra nutrition and thus keep the condition of your grow medium under control. This reduces the chance of problems.

7. Buy seeds with good genes

Be sure to buy your seeds from a reliable source, such as a reputable seed bank. Of course, the best seed also has an upper limit. But knowing you have quality seeds always gives you an advantage. Because even though you already know and can do everything, a good seed assures you of a quantitative and high quality yield.

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