March 30, 2020

Ways to use cannabis

There are many ways to consume the magical plant. You can smoke it, vape it, eat it or put it on your skin. In this blog we talk about the most common ways to consume cannabis. 


Smoking is the most common way to use cannabis. The effect kicks in the fastest, mostly around five to ten minutes. It is common to smoke cannabis with tobacco. But of course you can smoke it without tobacco, for example by using a water pipe. What you prefer is personal, but of course it is healthier to avoid tobacco. 


Another way to inhale cannabis is by vaping it. Vaping is getting increasingly popular. The effect kicks in just as fast as with smoking. You don’t need tobacco and you only take in the substances you need to get high. But there is also a down side: you do need some kind of vaping device, which can be quite expensive. Want to know more about vaping? We’ve explained it in ‘How does a vaporizer work’ and ‘The benefits of vaping’! 


When food is infused with cannabis we call it edibles. Most people know the good ol’ fashion space cake, but there are more ways to consume it. Edibles are perfect for people who don’t like to smoke or want to try something different. Curious? Coffeeshop De Kade has the best edibles you can find in Amsterdam South. Just look at our edibles menuTake me there

Curious about the kinds of hash and weed we have to offer? Check out our weed menu or our product page

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