June 8, 2020

Why do you get the munchies from smoking weed?

Eating while high: it’s the best. Most people who smoke cannabis already know that they’ll get the munchies and are well prepared. But why do you crave snacks after you smoke? 

Well, THC imitates the action of a certain substance in the brain. This substance in the brain is called anandamide. Normally, when there is a shortage of food, anandamide is released. The nerves of the hunger center are stimulated, which makes you feel hungry and start eating. Still with us? 

But why especially snacks or candy? 

When we eat tasty foods, dopamine is released within this brain region to tell us that our brain likes this food and wants us to eat more. In the presence of THC significantly more dopamine is released in response to the same amount of sugar-enriched food.

So what does all of this mean? Our brain’s endogenous marijuana system ordinarily modulates how good a particular food tastes to us; smoking marijuana simply enhances this natural mechanism in the brain.

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