Johnny Blaze

60/40 Indica dominant hybrid | The Joint Project | Blueberry flavor | 15-21% THC

Johnny Blaze was created through a joint project between DJ Short and Legend Seeds. The venture was literally called The Joint Project. Whether this strain is named after Marvel’s Spirit of Vengeance or is simply the slang term for a freeloading smoker is unknown. What we do know is its mother is Neville’s Haze, descended from Haze and Northern Lights #5, and the father is the mostly Indica Blueberry.

Johnny Blaze produces a nice balance of effects that include a sharpened focus, spurred creativity, and a soothed body. It may provide relief from anxiety, stress, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, and depression. It may also help ease chronic pain.

Johnny Blaze does well with just a couple of weeks of vegetating and should be grown indoors, though with enough ventilation, it may be successfully grown in a greenhouse. Note, however, that the strain is very susceptible to molds and mildews. To develop the full Blueberry flavor, the buds should be dried for a full month. To reach harvest, Johnny Blaze needs nine to eleven weeks to finish its flowering cycle and should at least be topped. Growers are recommended to use the low stress training method.

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